LEGO 21124 Minecraft The End Portal

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The eyes of ender have led you across a snowy mountainous landscape to a secret stronghold.

Don your diamond armor, grab your diamond sword and proceed with caution! Search for bookshelves in the cobwebbed, torchlit library.

Battle the scary cave spider and seize the chest containing diamonds, redstone and an iron ingot.

Then defeat the endermen to retrieve the eyes of ender and activate the End portal!Build a LEGO Minecraft library with bookshelves and collect the eyes of ender to activate the end portal
Battle the cave spider and retrieve valuable ores from the chest
Includes Steve minifigure, two buildable Endermen figures, buildable cave spider, Minecraft armour and accessories
LEGO Minecraft building toys are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building
Measures over 10 cm high, 23 cm wide and 18 cm deep
559 pieces – for boys and girls ages 8 years old and up