LEGO 41349 Friends Drifting Diner Building Set

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The best times with friends are all about relaxing with some food, laughing and just enjoying each other’s company. And there’s no better place to hang with friends than the LEGO Friends Drifting Diner. You’ll see it from miles away due to the giant burger on the roof. Once you drive up you’ll be served burgers fresh from the grill at the takeaway window, before settling down to enjoy your meal. And after? There’s the drive-in cinema! You can even stand your own smartphone or tablet in front of the movie screen to play real videos for your mini-dolls to enjoy. This set also comes complete with Andrea’s go-kart and a go-kart launcher. Suitable for fun friends aged 6 and up. Includes: 2 mini-doll figures  Bird figure.Includes two mini-doll figures: Andrea in racing outfit and crash helmet and Dottie, plus a Pepper the bird figure
Features a retro diner with grill, takeout window, cash register, stylized car-shaped table and bench, giant hamburger icon and a drive-in theatre with giant movie screen, plus Andrea’s go-kart and go-kart launcher
Accessory elements include a burger, fries, drink, sauce bottles, salt and pepper shakers and a coin