LEGO 41349 Friends Heartlake Drifting Diner Playset, Andrea and Dottie Mini Dolls, Retro Dinner and Movie Screen

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The LEGO Friends 41349 Drifting Diner has a burger grill, takeaway window with till, car-shaped table with bench and giant burger icon on the roof. Outside there s a giant screen for drive-in movies with handy side tables – stand your own mobile phone or tablet in front of the movie screen to play real videos for the mini-dolls. You ll also find Andrea s go-kart and a go-kart launcher in this retro LEGO Friends set. Includes two mini-doll figures and a bird figure.Build a classic American diner with drive-in theatre, plus a go-kart and launcher
Includes Andrea and Dottie LEGO Friends mini-doll figures, plus Pepper the bird figure
Accessory elements include a burger, fries, drink, sauce bottles, salt and pepper shakers and a coin
Stand your cell phone or tablet in front of the screen to put on a real movie show
Combine with the 41348 Service and Care Truck,41351 Creative Tuning Shop and 41352 The Big Race Day for endless LEGO Friends go-kart fun