LEGO 42062 “Container Yard” Building Toy

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Transport huge amounts of cargo at the 2-in-1 LEGO Technic Container Yard, featuring an articulated truck with detachable trailer and two large containers, plus a rugged container loader. Steer the loader into position and use its extendable boom and grabber to secure and lift the heavy containers onto the waiting truck. Then jump aboard and transport them to their destination! Rebuild this set to create a Container Straddle-Carrier with truck and container! Interactive, 3D digital LEGO Building Instructions app available online for both models!Features an articulated truck with working steering, opening doors, detachable trailer and two loadable containers, plus a container loader with working steering and an extendable boom with working grabber.
Steer the articulated truck into position.
Truck features a blue and white color scheme.
Container loader features an orange and black color scheme.
Operate the loader’s boom to grab the containers and lift them into position.

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