LEGO UK 60182 City Pickup and Caravan Set

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Grab the camera and let’s go camping! Hitch the caravan onto the pickup, then get your gear and hit the road. Find a good spot in the forest and set up the caravan, before you go fishing for dinner. Oh look, you found a new friend and caught some fish!Includes three minifigures: Mom, Dad and Son, plus a crab figure
Features a caravan that opens on the side, opening door, removable front roof, furniture and a separate support leg to stand alone, plus a pickup truck with removable cab roof, minifigure cab and truck bed with a hitch for the caravan
Unhitch the caravan from the pickup and extend the support leg so it can stand on its own
Open the side of the caravan to access the inside
Remove the front roof of the caravan to access the bedroom