LEGO UK 76107 Super Heroes Marvel Avengers Thanos Ultimate Battle Set

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Thanos: Ultimate Battle.Includes three minifigures: Iron Man, Star-Lord and Gamora, plus a Thanos big figure
The Guardians’ Ship features an opening cockpit for the space scooter (and two minifigures sitting on the scooter), flip-up windshield, opening rear compartment with two minifigure seats
The Guardians’ Ship also features removable roof and space for the Infinity Gauntlet and stand, two stud shooters, adjustable wings and a connection point for the escape pod (featured in 76102 Thor’s Weapon Quest)
Space scooter features two minifigure seats, attachment points for Star-Lord and Gamora’s weapons and a detachable sword
Thanos big figure comes with a gold-coloured Infinity Gauntlet (with attachment points for the included Infinity Stone and five other collectable Infinity Stone elements), gauntlet stand and a sword
Replace Thanos’ left hand with the Infinity Gauntlet
Weapons include Star-Lord’s two laser guns and Gamora’s sword
Also includes 10 assorted translucent-blue Power Burst elements to customise your builds and minifigures