Zu3D Animation Kit

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Easy to use, high performance stop-motion animation software & kit

-Zu3D stop-motion animation software
-Quality animation webcam
-Animation Handbook by Helen Piercy (author of The Animation Studio)
-Modelling clay
-Green cloth and/or green foam for green screen studio
-Mini set
Used in thousands of homes & schools across the UK, Zu3D allows you to create amazing animated films with sound effects, music, titles & credits, green screening, imported animated sprites and more quickly & easily.

Zu3D is an ideal gift, children can create films about anything & everything, using; Lego, Playmobil, Stikbots, Plasticine, toys etc. Finished animations can be uploaded to YouTube or the Zu3D gallery.

Zu3D Software

-Complete stop-motion animation package
-Automatic green-screening/chroma key
-Create drawn animations & draw onto captured frames
-Copy, edit, move & delete frames or clips
-Instantly zoom in and out of indivdual frame view or clip view
-Onion skinning (overlay the previous frame to making animating easy)
-Import sound effects and music or record your own
-Import images & video
-Powerful video editor – combine imported video files with your animations
-Import animated gifs/special effects
-Unlimited audio & video tracks
-Add titles, credits & speech bubbles with exciting styles.
-Instantly change the framerate of your whole film or indivdual clips
-Add fade transitions between scenes of your film
-Change the transparency of individual clips or whole video tracks
-Export as MP4 and upload to YouTube or the Zu3D Gallery

Complete with the Zu3D Handbook. Helen explains how to get started and packs the book full of tips & tricks.  

Capture Images from Webcam/DV Camera
Speed up and slow down your film
Playback your film at any time
Delete frames at any time
Onion Skinning (unlimited layers)